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The inaugural ‘first post’; literally nothing much to see untill some actual content is pushed in.

One of my favorate technical people has this saying:

There are a finite number of keystrokes left in your hands before you die. - @shanselman

That is what this site is about … well that and that I freely admit to being lazy; just ask yourself how many times have you googled the same damned thing you did some time ago having to re click-through all of the random pages in order to groc (hopefully) most of the context you got last time in order to move on with a piece of work.

So out of mostly lazyness here we are; a randm repository of thoughts; links and next great million dollar ideas if only to save myself of a few extra keypresses over the course of my lifetime.

The site has been built using Hugo the static site generator; and hosted over in the shiggan/ github project; and served up via github pages.

If you head over there the interesting stuff is all in the source branch; when hugo does a publish it does so into a known directory which has some git magic sprinkled into it so that it points to the master branch which is what github pages actually serves on the site.

Pages are written in Markdown format; whcih hugo uses to build up the site you see now.

As for the awesome design of the site; that is taken form the hugo-future-imperfect-slim hugo template available over at

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